What is FIMS (SPEAR)?
FIMS (SPEAR) is a dual-channel far-ultraviolet imaging spectrograph (“Short” wavelength channel 900-1150Å, “Long” wavelength channel 1350-1750Å, λ/Δλ ~ 550) with a large field of view (S-band, 4°×4´.6; L-band, 7°.4×4´.3), designed to observe diffuse FUV emission lines. FIMS is the primary payload on the first Korean science and technology satellite, STSAT-1, and was launched into ~ 700 km Sun-synchronous orbit on 2003 September 27.

stsat-1 fims members

The FIMS data is available at http://spear.ssl.berkeley.edu.

Diffuse FUV continuum background
The FUV continuum background data is available here: fims_diffuse.tgz.
Please note that the new data set will be available soon.


A bright star catalog observed by FIMS/SPEAR
Published in MNRAS (Jo et al. 2016, 456, 417) The data is available at http://sites.google.com/site/stspeak.

FIMS/SPEAR has been funded by the Korea MEST and NASA NAG5-5355. MEST supported KASI and KAIST, and calls the mission “FIMS.” NASA supported U.C. Berkeley, and calls the mission “SPEAR.”