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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself. - Richard Feyman

Research Interests

Interstellar, Circumgalactic, Intergalactic Medium

Lyα, Metal lines (Mg II, Fe II, etc) resonance/fluorescence Lines

Dust / IR emission / Extraplanar Dust

Photo-Ionization / H II regions / Supernova Remanants/ Warm Ionized Medium (Diffuse Ionized Gas)

Molecular Hydrogen (H 2 fluorescence lines)

Hot Gas (C IV / O VI emission lines etc.)

Compton Scattering (Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect)


Star Forming galaxies

Starburt galaxies

Lyα Emitters/Lyα Nebulae

Spectral Energy Distribution Model

Elliptical galaxies

Atmosphere of Exoplanets

Hot Jupiters

Yan et al. (2022, ApJ, accepted) Modeling Hα and He 10830 Transmission Spectrum of WASP-52B


Science & Instrument Development

Byun et al. (2022) Performance Assessment of the KASI-Deep Rolling Imaging Fast-optics Telescope pathfinder

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