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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself. - Richard Feyman

Recent Publications

Chang et al. (2022, ApJ, submitted) Radiative Transfer in Lyα Nebulae: I. Modeling a Continuous or Clumpy Spherical Halo with a Central Source

Byun et al. (2022, PASP, 134, 094104) KMTNet Nearby Galaxy Survey : Overview and a Survey Description

Byun et al. (2022, PASP, 134, 084101) Performance Assessment of the KASI-Deep Rolling Imaging Fast-optics Telescope pathfinder

Yan et al. (2022, ApJ, 936, 177) Modeling Hα and He 10830 Transmission Spectrum of WASP-52B

Seon et al. (2022, ApJS, 259, 3) Lyα Radiative Transfer: A Stokes Vector Approach to Lyα Polarization

Byun et al. (2021, ApJ, 918, 82) KMTNet Nearby Galaxy Survey III. Deficient Hα flux in the Extended Disks of Spiral Galaxies

Kim et al. (2021, AJ, 162, 24) High-resolution Near-infrared Spectroscopy of Diffuse Sources around MWC 1080

Jo et al. (2021, MNRAS, 502, 3200) Construction of a far ultraviolet all sky map from an incomplete survey: Application of a deep learning algorithm

Seon et al. (2021, JKPS, 78, 942) Space Missions for Astronomy and Astrophysics in Korea: Past, Present, and Future

Seon & Kim (2020, ApJS, 250, 9) Lyα Radiative Transfer: Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Wouthuysen-Field Effect

Song, Seon, & Hwang (2020, ApJ, 901, 41) Lyα Radiative Transfer: Modeling Spectrum and Surface Brightness Profile of Lyα-Emitting Galaxies at z = 3-6

Byun et al. (2020, ApJ, 891, 18) KMTNet Nearby Galaxy Survey II. Searching for Dwarf Galaxies in Deep and Wide-field Images of the NGC 1291 System

Jo et al. (2019, ApJS, 243, 9) Global distribution of far-ultraviolet emission from highly ionized gas in the Milky Way

Byun et al. (2018, AJ, 156, 249) KMTNet Nearby Galaxy Survey. I. Optimal Strategy for Low Surface Brightness Imaging with KMTNet

Kim et al. (2018, ApJS, 238, 28) MIRIS Pa α Galactic Plane Survey. I. Comparison with IPAHAS H α in 𝓁 = 96˚-116˚

Seon (2018, ApJ, 862, 87) Polarization as a probe of thick dust disks in edge-on galaxies: application to NGC 891

Jo et al. (2018, ApJ, 862, 25) Comparison of the extraplanar H α and UV emissions in the halos of nearby edge-on spiral galaxies

Kim et al. (2018, JQSRT, 210, 195) Retreval of haze properties and HCN concentrations from the three-micron spectrum of Titan

Jo et al. (2017, ApJS, 231, 21) A Far-ultraviolet Fluorescent Molecular Hydrogen Emission Map of the Milky Way Galaxy

Seon & Draine (2016, ApJ, 833, 201) Radiative Transfer Model of Dust Attenuation Curves in Clumpy, Galactic Environments

Lee et al. (2016, MNRAS, 463, 2912) Radiative Transfer in Disc Galaxies - V. The Accuracy of the KB approximation

Jo et al. (2016, MNRAS, 456, 417) Bright stars observed by FIMS/SPEAR

Shinn & Seon (2015, ApJ, 815, 133) Ultraviolet Radiative Transfer Modeling of Nearby Galaxies with Extraplanar Dust

Jo et al. (2015, ApJ, 807, 68) Far-ultraviolet Study of the Local Supershell GSH 006+15+7

Lee et al. (2015, ApJ, 806, 274) Is the Dust Cloud around Lambda Orionis a Ring or Shell, or Both?

Lim et al. (2015, MNRAS, 449, 605) Far-ultraviolet observations of the   ρ Ophiuchi cloud complex

Seon (2015, JKAS, 48, 57) Monte-Carlo Radiative Transfer Model of the Diffuse Galactic Light

Choi et al. (2015, ApJ, 800, 132) Far-ultraviolet Study of the ζ -Ophiuchi H II region

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