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The first principle is that you must not fool yourself. - Richard Feyman

CADC ’s International Astronomy Meeting List

ApJ Letters Manuscript Length Calculator

Astronomy Data, Catalog, etc

Open Astrophysics Bookshelf

SVO Filter Profile Service

NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database - NED

HyperLeda - Database for physics of galaxies

SIMBAD Astronomical Database

MAST HLSP - High Level Science Products

KOA - Keck Observatory Archive

IRSA - Infrared Science Archive of IR and sub-mm data

HEASARC : Other NASA Archives

The Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) Data Collection Atlas

INAF TNG archives

NOAO Science Archive

Issac Newton Group Archive

SMOKA Science Archive (Subaru, Japan)

Catalog & Atlas of the LV galaxies

An Updated Ultraviolet Catalog of GALEX Nearby Galaxies (Bai et al. 2015)

Stellar Classification Table - sorted by HR class, Spectral type characteristics

The UV sky (GALEX UV catalogs)

GALEX Diffuse Data (Diffuse Galactic Light; Muthy et al. 2014)

Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA)

CALIFA survey

The DECam Legacy Survey

Rosa M. Gonzalez Delgado (Absorption Profiles & H II regions) ; stsci/starburst-site

GMASS: The Galaxy Mass Assembly ultra-deep Spectroscopic Survey

GOODS: The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey


JHU-SDSS Metal Absorber Catalog

A Database of UV-Optical Spectra of Nearby Galaxies (Storchi-Bergmann, Calzetti, Kinney)

The Kinney-Calzetti Spectral Templates of Galaxies (Kinney, Calzetti)

SWIRE Template Library (galaxies & AGN SED templates)

SED model library of starbursts and ULIRGs (Siebenmorgen & Krugel 2007)

All-wavelength Extended Groth strip International Survey (AEGIS)

KIAS Value-Added Galaxy Catalog

SINGS (Spitzer Infrared Nearby Galaxies Survey)

HeDaM (Herschel Database in Marseille) - HerMES , HRS , VNGS , GOODS-Herschel

Palomar/Las Campanas Atlas of Nearby Galaxies (Gil de Paz et al. 2003)

The Galaxy Catalog (Frei et al. 1999)

Local Volume Legacy Survey (LVL)

EGIS (Edge-on Galaxies In SDSS)  (Bizyaev et al. 2014)

The Edge-on Galaxy Database

ARVAL Catalog of Bright Galaxies / The 200 Brightest Galaxies

IPHAS (H-alpha, 3D extinction map)

Dustmaps (a unified interface for several 2D and 3D maps of interstellar dust reddening and extinction)

3D extinction maps of the southern sky

Galactic 3D H2 map (Mertsch & Vittino 2021)

Galactic 3D HI map (Mertsch & Phan 2022)

mwdust: Dust in 3D in the Milky Way

3D Dust Mapping with Pan-STARS 1 (Green et al. 2019)

Stilism (Structuring by Inversion the Local Interstellar Medium) (Lallement et al. 2019 ; FITS Data Cube Download)

Interstellar Extinction in the Galaxy (Amores & Lepine 2005)


Interstellar Radiation Field Calculator

A model of the Galaxy for predicting star counts in the infrared (Ortiz & Lepine 1993)

Planck Public Data Release 2 Maps (including thermal dust map) ; Planck Public Data Release 1

WISE 12 micron full-sky dust map (Meisner & Finkbeiner 2014)

WHAM Survey (The Wisconsin H-Alpha Mapper)

SHASSA (The Southern H-Alpha Sky Survey Atlas)

VTSS (The Virginia Tech Spectral-Line Survey)

SuperCOSMOS H-alpha Survey (SHS) / SuperCOSMOS Sky Survey (SSS)

An Hα survey of Rossa & Dettmar (2003) (Extraplanar DIG in edge-on spiral galaxies)

HaGS (H-alpha Galaxy Survey)

All Sky Median Near Infrared Color Excess Extinction Maps

Extinction Maps of Dark Clouds (Tokyo Gakugei University, Astro Laboratory)

COMPLETE (The COordinated Molecular Probe Line Extinction Thermal Emission Survey of Star Forming Regions)

Convolution Kernels (Spitzer IRAC/MIPS; Herschel SPIRE/PACS)

KODIAQ (The Keck Observatory Database of Ionized Absorption toward Quasars)

MUSE Science Web Service (The Multi Unit Spectroscopic Explorer)

LASD (Lyman Alpha Spectral Database ; Axel et al. 2020)

Astronomy Codes

ASCL (Astrophysics Source Code Library)

3D MOCASSIN (MOnte CArlo SimulationS of Ionized Nebulae) Roger Wesson's GitHub (mocassin/mocassin-xray/mocassin-voronoi)

3D Photoionization Code by Wood, Mathis, & Ercolano (2004) CMacIonize (Vandenbroucke & Wood 2018)

CLOUDY (Photoionization Simulation Code)

Mappings V, (Mappings IV, Mappings III, G. Brent) (Modeling And Prediction in PhotoIonized Nebulae and Gasdynamical Shocks) Mexican Million Models database (3MdBs)

Starburst99/Mappings Model Grid (Emily Levesque)

Time-dependent Ionization in Radiatively Cooling Gas (Gnat & Sternberg 2007)

RABACUS (A Python Package for calculating the transfer for hydgrogen ionizing radiation)

TARDIS (Monte-Carlo RT spectral synthesis code for 1D models of supernova ejecta)

CHIANTI (An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas)

AtomNeb: IDL Library for Atomic Data of Ionized Nebulae (Danehkar 2019)

HAOS-DIPER (HAO Spectral Diagnostic Package for Emitted Radiation)

PINTofALE (Package for Interactive Analysis of Line Emission)

PopRatio : A program to calculate atomic level populations in astrophysical plasmas

Flexible Atomic Code (FAC)

The ISM Platform (The Meudon PDR code, DustEM, The Paris-Durham Shock code, Starformat, TDR model)

UCL Chemical Codes

NIST Atomic Spectra Database

Photodissociation and Photoionization of Astrophysically Relevant Molecules

Bruce T. Draine’s Home Page (Dust, H 2 models)

Mark Krumholz’s Web Page (DESPOTIC, SLUG, etc)

LIME (Line Modeling Engine; Brinch & Hogerheijde 2010 )

DiskFit (a Code for Modeling Asymmetries in Disk Galaxies)


SED (Fitting the Spectral Energy Distributions of Galaxies)

FAST (Fitting and Assessment of Synthetic Templates; Mariska Kriek)

iSEDfit Bayesian Spectral Energy Distribution (J. Moustakas)

MAGPHYS (Multi-wavelength Analysis of Galaxy Physical Properties)

Charlie Conroy's SPS Models

Stellar Population Models at High Spectral Resolution (C. Maraston)

SEAGal/STARLIGHT (Spectral Synthesis Code)

EzGal (Mancone & Gonzalez, 2012)

Kcorrect (Blanton et al. 2007)

TLUSTY and SYNSPEC (V208 & 54 users’s guide)

High-Resolution Stellar Library for Evolutionary Population Synthesis (Martins et al. 2005 ; Delgado et al. 2005)

An Extensive Library of 2500-10500A Synthetic Spectra (Munari et al. 2005)

The POLLUX Database of Stellar Spectra (Palacios et al. 2010)

Spectral models of stars and stellar populations (by Paula R. T. Coelho and collaborators)

Libraries of stellar spectra

The `Besancon' Galaxy model (Model of Stellar Population Synthesis of the Galaxy)
Galaxia (a code for generating a synthetic model of the galaxy)

flexCE (A flexible Chemical Evolution model; Andrew et al. 2016)

NuPyCEE (NuGrid Python Chemical Evolution Environment; Cote et al. 2017)

KROME (Chemical Package by Grassi et al. 2014 ; Bovino et al. 2016)

STEV , the OAPd server for stellar models (including TriLegal)

LyaRT (Monte Carlo radiative transfer of Ly-alpha photons; Orsi et al. 2012)

RASCAS (RAdiative SCattering in Astrophysical Simulations; Michel-Dansac et al. 2020)

IGMTransfer (Intergalactic radiative transfer in adaptively refined cosmological simulations)

VPFIT (Bob Carwell)



SAGE (Semi-Analytic Galaxy Evolution) galaxy formation model

L-Galaxies Model

Computer Space Plasma Physics

Hydrodynamics, MHD, SPH codes, Data

NDSPMHD (Daniel Price's SPH pages)

GIZMO (GIZMO-public; a flexible, multi-method MHD+gravity code; Phil Hopkins)

PHANTOM (A smoothed particle hydrodynamics and magnetohydrodynamics code for astrophysics)

PLUTO (The PLUTO Code for Astrophysical GasDynamics)

The RAMSES code (bitbucket) ; PyMSES (Python modules for RAMSES)

The Flash Code

TIGRESS (Three-phase ISM in Galaxies Resolving Evolution with Star formation and Supernova feedback)

The StarFormat DataBase

SILCC (SImulating the Life-Cycle of molecular Clouds) data website

MAIHEM (Models of Agitated and Illuminated Hindering and Emitting Media)

CATS (Catalogue for Astrophysical Turbulence Simulations; Burkhart et al. 2020)

FIRE : Feedback In Realistic Environments

SIMBA galaxy formation simulations

The ATES-Code (Caldiroli et al. 2021; Planetary atmosphere)

GUACHO (Esquivel et al. 2009; Esquivel & Raga 2013; Schneiter et al. 2016; 3D HD/MHD code)

AGNWINDS / PYTHON (Knox Long’s MC RT Code which has been used to model the winds)

MultiphaseGalacticWind (Drummond B. Fielding)

AstroBEAR (An Adaptive Mesh Refinement Code for Computational Astrophysics)

Dust Radiative Transfer, etc

Software & Computer

emcee The MCMC Hammer

MultiNest Efficient and Robust Bayesian Inference

PolyChord : next-generation nested sampling

Nestle : Python implementation of nested sampling

HEALPix (Hierarchical Equal Area isoLatitude Pixelization of a sphere) HEALPix JPL web

SDSSPix Homepage (Hierarchical equal area pixelization scheme designed for the SDSS)

Montage (An Astronomical Image Mosaic Engine)

LSSGalPy (Python tool for the interactive visualization of the large-scale environment around galaxies on the 3D space)

PIKAIA (a general purpose function optimization fortran-77 subroutine based on a genetic algorithm)

Differential Evolution (global optimization)

AstroML : Machine Learning and Data Mining for Astronomy

Steve Plimton (fftMPI - parallel 3d/2d FFT library, LAMMPS - molecular dynamics, etc)

FLIBS - A collection of Fortran modules

NIFTY - Numerical Information Field Theory

Radford M. Neal

S2LET Fast wavelets on the sphere

Coyote’s Guide to IDL Programming

Michele Cappellari's python and IDL programs

FITSH - a software package for astronomical image processing

S2PLOT : A Three-Dimensional Plotting Library

Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 Programmer

Fortran Wiki

Rosetta Code

High Performance Computing for Mac OS X

John Burkardt’s homepage (C, C++, fortran softwares, etc.)
Alan Miller’s Fortran Software

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions

Computer Language Benchmark Game

Albert Tarantola’s web page (Inversion Problem)

Markwardt IDL Library (MPFIT etc)

Michele Cappellari IDL Programs (Voronoi 2D Binning, Galaxy kinematics etc.)

Coyote’s Guide to IDL Programming (David Fanning)


Bazzinga Numerical Skill


GNU Scientific Library (GSL)

Scientific Tools for Python (SciPy, NumPy)

WebPlotDigitizer (Web based tool to extract data from plots, images, and maps)

Varray (Memory mapped files for IDL)

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