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LaRT (Lyman-alpha Radiative Transfer)

LaRT is a cell-based, 3D Monte-Carlo RT code for the Lyɑ radiation.

The code is written in modern fortran and has been developed to study Lyɑ RT and the Wouthuysen-Field effect. LaRT can also calculate polarization by completely considering the fine-structure of neutral hydrogen without arbitrarily dividing core and wing regimes.

A keynote presented in Vietnam is available for download (click here).


Basic RT data: Monte Carlo Simulation of the WF effect (Seon & Kim, 2020, ApJS 250, 9)

Download the Galaxy Models: LaRT models for a LAEs (Song et al., 2020, ApJ, 901, 41)

Polarization: Seon et al. (2022, ApJS, 259, 3)



The movie demonstrates the result obtained with LaRT. Lyɑ RT was performed for a cubic shape medium viewed at the (1, 1, 1)-direction. The left plot shows the spectrum, the middle and right panels show a variation of the intensity and polarization pattern, respectively, as frequency x varies. (Click to play the movie.)

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